Chateau Plastique, Oregon Red Wine

Dateline Roseburg 1971. “Two Oregon-based wineries have launched the state into the table wine industry. Presently headquartered in Roseburg there are now two labels on the home state market, Hillcrest & Bjelland. These Roseburg area wineries will be joined soon by Eyrie Vineyards of McMinnville.” . . . Wine World Magazine 1971

Maresh Vineyard

“As good wines can be made in Oregon as any place in the world.” . . . Louis Herboldt 1934, First Oregon Farmer Winery

“Smooth as Honey . . . aged in Wood. The drink of the good natured man." . . . Honeywood Winery 1934

Oregon Wine History
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Wine History

Sometime we often forget how a new industry, such as Oregon wine, is created.  We tend to look at today’s successful companies and assume they alone created the industry.  But this is not always true.  Many past wineries, often unknown today, came before many of today’s successful wineries.

This website traces the history of Oregon wine through the many small wineries that were the dreams of their owners, but for one reason or another eventually had to close their doors.  Each of these wineries in its own way helped establish the modern Oregon wine industry.

These vineyard and winery owners probably never made much money for all of their hard work (and perhaps lost a lot), but they willingly persevered.  There no doubt were many challenges and personal sacrifices, but knowing they were helping to establish a new and exciting industry and way of life for Oregonians provided its own satisfaction.

I hope this publication helps to document these unheralded wineries historical place in the Oregon wine industry, and not let them be forgotten.


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Fun Facts

What Southern Oregon winery was first planted in the 1850’s by Peter Britt, of the popular music festival in Southern Oregon?
Valley View Winery
What Oregon Wine Pioneer in the 1960’s & 1970’s is credited with developing the “Coury” Pinot Noir clone?
Charles J Coury
Which Oregon Wine Pioneer is acknowledged to be the father of Oregon’s modern wine industry?
Richard Sommer